Fixing Mobile View issues on my Elementor Pro Website

On this video I will fix some mobile view minor issues that I see on my Elementor Pro WordPress website. I show the easy and power of Elementor Pro to control the mobile view responsive version of any website build with Elementor Pro. If you need help with Elementor in Miami or the US. Please […]

Adding icons on my Elementor Pro Website

One of the things I’ve learn on web design and web development is the use of graphics elements to illustrate or catch the eye when presenting contents, copy, text. In this case I’m adding some icons on the table prices I have on my own Elementor Pro website. Please see the video and let me […]

Google Ads get leads and clients

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We do Google ads, and we make sure your investment is returned and you expose your business and gain new clients. We have experience and we have methods proved and working right now on more than 20 google ads clients, they are getting business, they are getting investment return 100%. You can do this too. […]

Focus on the benefit not the price

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When you think about investing to increase visibility for your business the best way it’s to focus on the benefits and the clients you will get with your investment, not the investment itself, at the end of the day you will get that back and will gain the new clients. I see in lots of […]

Read our Google reviews

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We love to provide you with great value on each project we work, or monthly support, digital marketing and web development services. We get very nice rates and reviews from our clients! Google reviews 

Our Profile

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One of the best ways for new clients to verify our experience and expertise is to check out Profile

Latest feedback received by client on Guru!

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Redesign made last week: “Great communications and started right away. Meet the deadline as requested. Quality work.” To read this and other reviews provided by clients, please see this link  

Google Ads

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One of the most effective way to sell today is using Google Ads. By Creating an ad on their advertising platform, they start showing you business in front of potential clients in a few hours. The way you set up the campaign, and the way you project the marketing strategy is the key to make […]

Google Ads, Keyword Selection and Analysis

Almost on a daily basis I would  sign in on google ads and do Campaigns Maintenance, where I pay close attention to Keywords, and add proper found keywords to the campaigns and other no good keywords triggering the campaigns as negative keywords into campaigns. This will ensure the good health of campaigns, and make sure […]

Client Feedback for Web Dev and Digital Marketing

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Don has been awesome to work with, especially since he very responsive to all my requests in updating my website and assisting me with my digital ads.  Best of all, the services he provides is very affordable.  I interviewed numerous digital ad and website agencies who were more than triple the cost compared to the […]