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Starting a website these days is not a hard task, in technical terms, you don’t even have to know about HTML or php to be able to get online and show the world what you do, and what you need to advertise.

There are tons of website builders, and the key for success, would be maybe to determine which one is the best for you, the most suitable site builder out there for your business, easy to use, fast, secure, and scalable, cause you never know where your business is going, is a good thing to create a website from start that will be scalable for future growth.

With our Divi Websites, you could get a website created in 3 days, for $250. This means a lot since we are going to give you for free the Divi Lifetime license and also will include the Divi Booster Plugins. With these two guys, you will save instantly $280 for lifetime value, this is pretty much in my opinion. You will have the chance to pick the theme you like from more than 140 premade layouts, and we are going to add the contents, videos, photos, copy, of your website into the theme and add visual customization of the theme you select.

That is a good deal, in 3 days, having a basic site to start at a very reasonable price, we love creating affordable websites, and make possible for a new business to go online and present a decent website for their business to potential clients.

Have a look at the themes you will have the chance to choose from:


We have a lifetime license with Eleganthemes and we can give to you for FREE.

We set up the site for you, install the WordPress, and Divi, and theme, and make the magic so your site looks awesome, responsive, fast loading, and you will be able to control your site 100%. With a few clicks, change ALL the site!

See these websites we have created with Divi, WordPress:

Patricklegal.com (we didn’t do the whole site, but made several Divi, and Design changes to make the site better focus on Conversion)

Maybe you wonder, why DIVI, and I will give you some reasons to persuade you on using Divi for your website:

How many people, business, websites, and companies are using Divi Builder and WordPress Now:

1- 601,772

That’s a lot of websites don’t you think? When something is good, it means that a lot of people think it’s good, and used by such a massive amount of business, means success.

2- Affordable

Divi will take costs down, cause you don’t need to code HTML or php to create your website and you can build your website visually. They provide a huge amount of themes to choose from and when you create a site, it will be created professionally. A regular Site made from scratch will take up to 20 days and a budget of 1000 to start, but a Divi Simple Site, Company Website will Start in 250 USD and will do the same in one week or less.

3- Scalability

You really need to focus on a website that can grow. How about if you decide to start selling products or services, and need to add a cart on your site, this something you can very easy when your site is WordPress and Divi Based, This is cause Divi, loves Woocommerce and they both do a great companion. SO adding an online store on your Divi Site, will be a matter of few days, and the store will be ready to start selling in no time, with professional look and functionality.

4- Visually Build Your Site – NO Programming

Once your site is ready, we will record a video, showing how to manage the site, how to edit, texts, images, videos, or any contents you have on the website. In a few clicks, with no need to call us, you can change, update, improve your website’s content. This is Something you own 100%, it’s yours, your property.

5- Ownership

Maybe you say, well, why would I choose Divi Instead of Wix or another proprietary site builder. The answer to these questions is precise that Divi will be something you OWN. Your Property, you decide where do you want to go with your site, how far you would like to customize, add functionalities, and dominate your content and Data. Private Property. A proprietary site builder is never yours, you only rent their services.

6- Huge Support

Divi it’s got a huge community and millions of people using Divi, this means that when you have a Divi Site, you will always get what you need and find out whatever issue rises, in a matter of minutes. There are a bunch of Facebook Groups out there, bringing free help, support. And of course, we will always bring you the best support for your site.


We want your business to flourish with Divi and Our Professional Affordable Websites.


Order your Divi Website Today: 305-407-2422 or Email [email protected]

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Other sites completed from our Portfolio


Complete business website from scratch with custom design, made with WordPress and Divi

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