I’ve been doing a lot of Digital Marketing Google ads in the past 3 days

For the past 4 months I’ve been in charge of Digital Marketing and Lead Generation for https://www.mbcosmeticdentistry.com. The business came to me with no clients, and a non professional website. I made a complete new design and recreated the site in WordPress. Created Google ads properly so that the visitors coming from Google were able to actually find what they need and convert. It’s all a matter of making sense, and if you look for Emergency Dental Services in Miami Beach, and click the ad on first page of google, you really need Emergency Dental in Miami Beach no way you will see or find something else. It can’t be other way.

After making more optimization on the mobile view of the site and the main slideshow, making it even more responsive and easy view from mobile devices. I created a new campaign on Google to send more traffic to the site and ensure conversion.

Also made a new Google Ads Group under same new campaign to target a landing page created for this campaign here https://emergency-dentist-miami-beach.com/

So Now I have a to wait until tomorrow to do data analysis and see conversion rate how it works.


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