Video Review

How is it that a video can Improve my business?

A video review it’s something i do to help business improve their website or mobile app. It’s a video I create, review, critic your website, or online presence. On the video I focus on the weak stuff of your online face, I will provide advice on Design, SEO, Mobile View of your site. I will find issues, or possible problems that your Website or Mobile App it’s presenting and maybe you don’t notice, or don’t have the time to review.

  1. Design changes suggestions
  2. SEO suggestions
  3. Conversion form suggestions
  4. Speed test and advice
  5. Mobile View test and suggestions
  6. Concept and content suggestions
  7. Smart advice on composition
  8. Suggestions on marketing
The regular price for the video review is $150
If after you get the video done, you decide to make the needed changes to improve your website with me. I will reduce this price to $100

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