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This time we made a custom Movie Reviews site for our client in Costa Rica Client’s feedback: “Excelente trabajo, excelente comunicación. Muy fácil trabajar con Don. Sin lugar a dudas trabajare con ustedes nuevamente. Muchas gracias.” by: Allan Creating a custom design and custom wordpress theme, and implementing design into wordpress with Elementor Pro. Responsive, […]

What is a Professional Website and What needs to have?


What is a Professional Website and how you can make sure your site it’s professional, does the job and bring you new business and leads? This and so many other questions, comes to mind when working on the marketing of your business and even more if you are business owner or startup business that need […] Website Creation Law Firm Michigan

Michigan Probate Lawyer Dean Patrick Probate Attorney

Completed Redesign – Custom UI – Elementor Pro – Responsive website, fast, secure. Added extra security to avoid issues. The site has been created specially for conversion, and expose the client services and skills. Dean keep us on a monthly basis for site Marketing, Updates New Professional Business Website

New Professional Business Website

Custom UI/UX, WordPress, Elementor Pro, Hello Theme, Stock Images, Fast, Responsive, Secure. Awesome business website made in One week for $400 New Professional Business Website Clients Feedback: DS, Did an amazing job. Victor 108 · Sep 22, 2020

Completed Music Non Profit Organization

Completed Music Non Profit Organization

We have completed site for Completed Music Non Profit Organization, complete WordPress Redesign, Custom UI, WordPress Theme Custom, Elementor Pro. Custom Forms Created in Elementor Pro. Elementor Pro License Provided for Free

Music Non Profit Organization

Completed Music Non Profit Organization

Made complete redesign to Music Non Profit Organization. Custom UI/UX, WordPress Custom Theme. Elementor Pro Theme. Slideshow, animations, full website creation.

New Redesign Completed – Complete Website Redesign

Completed new redesign for a new client – Homepage Design – Website Redesign – Landing Page – Web Design UI. We still working on minor final revisions but the general idea it’s already here. We will code this design into html5 responsive and integrate it properly on the current site. Also, we will code new […]

The Free Website – Real or Not?

Why would you buy a website from Donstudio or any other web design firm if you can get a free website on many website builders service or software?. This is a question, that a lot of people continue to ask, or wonder. Now, is it Really Free? Do you have the time and the knowledge […]

Html E-commerce to Woocommerce

In One of our recent projects, we have faced an odd situation where our client had a very old, HTML site, e-commerce site, with a cart build in HTML, and he requested to convert that huge static website from Pure HTML into Woocommerce. We used WordPress – Divi – Woocommerce and were able to create […]

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