Created Steps Form in Elementor to Get Quotes on Donstudio

I just finished and published a Step Form in Elementor, to Get a Quote for my own site

To see it in action, click any Get a Quote Button at or go to my contact page

steps 1

I was very happy when i read Elementor has added this lovely feature to their Form Widget, and I used here and also used to create a custom Schedule, Booking system in one of my client’s website see for yourself here

I love creating forms like this, in a pop up, modal window and also being able to create very straight forward forms where you just design your way and start getting leads or bookings.

The other thing i tried and I like it a lot is the inclusion of a into my homepage, where i placed a nice animated graphic.

Elementor continue to impress me and my clients, where we are able to design and create stunning websites in a few days. Professional business websites.

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