Booking System created only with Elementor Pro form

I created a new website for a new custom design, they had a nice site but this one it’s pro and it’s generating new leads for this Dentist Business in Miami Beach.

Elementor it’s able to provide me with best experience when creating custom design and integrating that design into a wordpress custom theme. I use Elementor Pro. And I was a bit sad that i was going to have to install another plugin to be able to make possible for my client to get bookings, schedule system on their dental clinic.

So, as I read on my email the Elementor Newsletter they informed a major update to the form widget, where they allow and make possible to add steps on the form. So I kept thinking and looking for a solution on how to build a booking system only using Elementor. Here you are:

booking system only elementor

So as you can see, i was able to create a custom form, with custom design, and added some cool free for commercial use icons i got on

Now my client it’s getting proper bookings on their Professional Business Website, and the site it’s not overloaded with plugins which is a major issue on any wordpress website. And Only using Elementor, I was perfectly able to create a nice Booking System.

Love Elementor

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