Create a Website in 2021 – How hard it can be?

Create a Website in 2021

Creating a Website in 2021 could be so easy, but hard at the same time, and the main reason why this is so contradictory matter it’s because of the internet spread and development itself. Back in the day, in order to create a website was more difficult in term of technology, tools, techniques, and you had to know at least HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, now a days you are able to create a professional website without knowing any programming at all, but, how many websites are now a days on the internet?

Create a Website in 2021

Back in the day 15 years ago I remember that creating a website was a very hard task, you had to do all manually and the use of CMS was actually starting. But today, if you use a site builder, or a programming framework, creating a website is super easy.

The evolution of internet goes super fast and comparing our current times back to 2005, now there are a lot more: see this

My idea behind this of course is that today creating a website it’s quite easy and fast and accurate but, you will have to deal with a huge competition that you did not had to do back in the day in 2005 for example, I mention 2005 a lot cause I started creating websites back in that year, 15 years ago.

So, who is the winner now a days, let’s suppose you are an entrepreneur with new startup and want to start your business for the first time, let’s picture you are a Dentist in Miami who needs to put a live website and get new patients and appointments out of your website, and you create a site in 20 days, professional website, responsive, fast and stunning beautiful site, you put it live and no visits, nothing, you add on site SEO and nothing, weeks and months start passing by and you still don’t get nothing, what should you do, to make it work?

Here is when Digital Marketing comes into the game, Digital Marketing will take care of the success of your online business, how? Exposing your business, your new website, so more people are able to see it and find you in the crowd and actually decide to give you a shot, since you are new, with fewer reviews and a brand new business, it would be hard for people to actually decide to convert or not into your business and become your client. So, Digital Marketing will add some techniques for conversion, on your website, this is something that any smart person can actually spot on any website, but, as simple as it’s, it takes an smart person to direct your visitors eyes into the right spots and the right techniques for conversion. This is based on Design Rules, that comes from a lot of years back, even before the web, so, UI design, UX, and Graphic Design knowledge it’s super important to be able to apply conversion techniques into a visual web composition.

The steps:

  1. Creating a Professional Website (Ideally custom Design, Perfect Development, Secure, Fast)
  2. Apply conversion techniques into your composition
  3. Reviews, credibility, the site should show honesty and authority
  4. Responsive Website
  5. Speed
  6. On Site SEO
  7. Off Site SEO
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. PPC
  10. Analysis of PPC, Traffic Data
  11. Remarketing
  12. Website Updates and Maintenance
  13. Web Developer Retainer

So the list keeps going to actually achieving success on your new business with your new website. These ideas and matters apply in my opinion mainly to new business creations in 2021. If you have a business that has been for a few years online and you have had success in your business, you might already have your clients, or recommendations, or even more search engine exposure, which is going to drive relevant traffic your website and you will end up converting more in the organic old school time.

Completing my idea of Creating A website in 2021, to me it still a hard task, creating a website it’s not complex at all, anyone can study a few months and possibly create a decent website, but creating a successful website that convert and generate leads, this is a complete different Story.

Of course it would an issue for a new business to invest in a Great Website from start, so to low the price and make it easy for you, we have created Monthly Plans, in which you are able to pay for the service of Create a Website in 2021 for a fraction of the payment in a Monthly Basis. So let’s say a Professional Business Website cost 2.4k, we split the payments in one year and you get all of this:

Business Website & Digital Marketing 1 Year $199 Monthly

This Plan will give you a bundle, or a sort of all in one solution for website, digital marketing and monthly updates and backups.

In the case you already have a professional website, and need Digital Marketing, we have one of the lowest price in the US for a monthly plan, for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing $150 Monthly

These are our 2 other monthly plans

Website Maintenance and Enhancements $150 Monthly

Social Media Marketing $150 Monthly

We are here you help, we create professional websites and also do Digital marketing, so if you need a reliable person to fight for your online success and expose your business for clients and sales, I would be please to know you and help.

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